W is for Safe, Clean Water!

Throughout our 45-year history, water has been maybe our biggest obsession – after trees and people.

And one of the biggest moments in LosAngeles’ water history could come this November: Measure W.

Please join us in creating a safer, healthier, and greener region. Visit the Yes on W site for more information and spread the word!

Los Angeles County’s water systems were born about 100 years ago. In the name of flood control, and to tame more of the land, our predecessors engineered infrastructure to rush water down drains and into the ocean as quickly as possible. Even in dry years, more than 100 billion gallons of water flow into gutters, across parking lots and through our streets, picking up pollution on its way out into our ocean. At the same time, we pump water hundreds of miles and over mountains to meet people’s demands.

Measure W, which creates the Safe, Clean Water Program, would literally change the landscape for water in our region. It won’t just divert and capture more stormwater, it will do so in the right way: making use of nature-based solutions like trees and wetlands to help slow down, clean and capture stormwater – investing in our parks, urban forest, greener streets, and good jobs. The Safe, Clean Water Program is right in line with decades of TreePeople’s work–demonstrating the necessity, urgency, and viability of better water management in LA.

Measure W would make an incredible difference for the Los Angeles region’s environmental and water future. The program would:

  • Clean up pollution sources that threaten our water.
  • Keep trash and other pollution out of our rivers, beaches, and ocean.
  • Capture, clean, and save enough water to meet the needs of 2.5 million residents.
  • Prepare for future droughts and flash floods.
  • Create good jobs in our communities.
  • Expand parks, restore wetlands, improve waterways, green streets, and plant trees!

On November 6, Los Angeles County and its 88 cities have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our outdated approach to water. Measure W modernizes our 100-year-old water system, using nature and science, to capture more rainfall, filter out toxic pollutants, and store cleaner water for future use. From Azusa to Zuma, from Santa Clarita to San Pedro, Measure W will invest billions in communities to build a better future for LA.

Help TreePeople and our partners get the word out and Vote yes on W for safe, clean water on November 6, 2018.

For more information, visit http://www.yesonwforcleanwater.com/.

Click here to see how our rally at the County Hall of Admin helped to put this on the ballot.