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Learning for All Ages


As we say at TreePeople, trees need people and people need trees! When people plant and care for trees so they thrive, trees provide canopies of shade, reduce energy costs, look beautiful, provide food and shelter and more! The following resources help ensure the right tree for the right place, and how to plant and care for trees so they provide multiple ecosystem benefits.


Capturing and infiltrating rainwater not only helps keep our waterways and ocean clean, but helps to replenish our groundwater supply and reduce our dependence on imported water. When we capture and redirect water, reducing polluted run-off, we help to ensure cleaner, more resilient water future for all. The following resources share ways to support both water quality and quantity through rainwater harvesting.


Soil is the foundation our natural environment. When soil is healthy it allows water to percolate and fill aquifers, sustains tree and plants, sequesters carbon, and nourishes a community through food production. The following resources support the creation of healthy, living soil through mulching, composting, and more.

California native plant garden


Native and climate-appropriate plants are critical to our local watershed. When we use native and climate appropriate plants it helps save precious water and supports biodiversity. The following resources help in choosing appropriate plants for your site, and how to plant and care for them to create beautiful, climate-resilient landscapes.

Waste Reductions

Reducing, reusing and recycling products “closes the loop” and helps create little to no waste. When there is reduced waste, there is a reduction in pollution and an increase in resources and economic well-being. The following resources provide guidelines for reducing waste at home and in the community.

Urban Forestry

Communities coming together to transform their neighborhoods into sustainable ecosystems is at the heart of an urban forest. Tree canopies of shade, healthy soil, rain water capture, appropriate plants all help support a functioning urban forest. The following resources support the urban forestry teams in transforming their neighborhoods.

Youth & School

Engaging youth and the school community in immersing and learning about the natural environment is core to TreePeoples work. Engaged youth creates future environmental leaders. The following resources support parents, teens and teachers in learning more about the environment and includes service learning projects.


Our urban forest, and our resilience against drought, includes your yard! Help us create a more sustainable Southern California by transforming and maintaining your yard into a gorgeous drought-resistant paradise.