Saving Water is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Proposition 3, the Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018, is a citizen’s initiative water bond that will appear on the November 2018 statewide California ballot.

The bond will invest $8.877 billion dollars in California water infrastructure, including key categories like safe drinking water, Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGMA) implementation, watershed restoration, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, infrastructure repair, and many other important water management programs.

Proposition 3 will benefit individual water users, the environment, and agriculture, and subsequently has received support across the board from conservation, agricultural, environmental justice, water, and civic organizations.

It is a balanced water bond measure, resulting in improved water supplies for every part of the state, and provides some of the much-needed investment in California’s sustainable water future.

As a proponent and long-time advocate of water conservation, TreePeople endorses Prop 3 and encourages our supporters to vote YES on 3 this November.

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