Guided Activities

Imagine watching the lights of Los Angeles fade and the stars appear or walking down the trail learning something new about the natural environment, including native plants that you can use in your own garden! Join TreePeople educators for a variety of guided activities that are fun, informative and designed for the whole family. Depending on the time of year, a variety of options are available.

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Family Tours

Get your family and friends out of the house and onto the trails for a special tour at TreePeople’s Coldwater Canyon Park!

TreePeople is offering Eco-Tours that include a guided one-hour adventure and an optional nature craft activity. We’ll walk along the trails and visit the Dirt Doctor’s laboratory to learn about the magic of mulch, tour the urban watershed garden for a live demonstration of how rainwater flows through our environment, enjoy learning about California’s many native plants, and plant a tree seed to take home. For an added fee, you can include a nature craft activity.

For the morning tour, bring your lunch to picnic afterwards in our beautiful park. For the afternoon tour, bring your lunch to picnic beforehand.

All Family Tours include:

  • Tour through the trails at Coldwater Canyon Park let by TreePeople educator.
  • Fun-filled activities with interactive displays, hands-on learning, native plant identification and more
  • Planted tree seed to take home
Appropriate for elementary-aged youth and family


Monday - Saturday


Session 1: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Session 2: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Optional nature craft: Add 30 minutes


$10 per attendee (10 attendee minimum / 50 attendee maximum (including yourself) All children must have adult supervision Optional: $50 Nature Craft Craft Activities to choose from:
  • Leaf Rub Journal
  • Nature Imprint Clay Air Fresheners
Questions? Please contact Maria Adame Manager of On-Site Tours, at (310) 228-8447 or

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Our beloved Eco-Tours are back at our beautiful Coldwater Canyon Park!

The three age/grade-appropriate tours offer synchronous learning at its best and connect with NGSS concepts. With the use of storytelling, songs, riddles, movement and more. Our tours are educational, interactive and fun!

All of our staff have been vaccinated and get weekly covid tested, proof of negative test are available upon request.

All Eco-Tours include:


Please visit for available tour dates.


10:00 AM (only)
You must arrive 30 minutes before start time if your class is having a snack prior to the tour.


$10 per attendee (10 attendees minimum, up to 100 maximum – includes adults)

Kindergarten and 1st Grade - Riddles of the City Forest (1.5 hours)

This 1½-hour program takes students on a gentle hike to: visit the Dirt Doctors laboratory, receive a message from Waterdrop, discover trash-reducing items in our Treasure Chest, and plant tree seeds to grow the city forest. Through interactive games, and activities, students solve riddles about the city forest and how they can help it thrive. Each participant plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included)

2nd - 5th Grade - Treasures of the City Forest (2.5 hours)

This 2½-hour program takes students on a treasure hunt in search of six Treasure Rings that symbolize natural cycles existing in the city forest. Students visit the Dirt Doctors laboratory, play the Air Exchange game and see rainstorms in our Urban Watershed Garden. The experience results in a better understanding of the city forest and how everyone can help it thrive. Each student also plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included).

6th - 8th Grade - Solutions of the City Forest (1.5 hours)

This 1.5-hour program takes students on a specialized tour of the sustainable elements used at TreePeople’s Coldwater Canyon Park. Students will earn “medallions” as they determine which basic forest principle is at work throughout the park including solar panels, an underground cistern, native plants, drip irrigation, mulch and more. At the end, the medallions reveal the last, and perhaps most important forest principle that will empower students to take what they have learned and apply it to their own community.

Questions? Please contact Maria Adame Manager of On-Site Tours, at (310) 228-8447 or

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TreePeople’s Traveling Dirt Doctor!

Invite our traveling Dirt Doctor to your classroom! Through an interactive presentation, TreePeople’s “Doctor Dirt” will share with students about the importance of healthy soil, tell a story about the trash-reducing items in a special treasure chest, and invite them to plant a tree seed to grow and take home (tree care instructions included). This 1-hour presentation is engaging, educational, fun, and connects with NGSS concepts.

All of our staff have been vaccinated (proof of negative tests are available upon request)

All Classroom visits include:

  • Fun-filled activities
  • Tree seed with soil and tube container


Monday - Friday Only


10:00 AM

11:00 AM


$150 per classroom of up to 25 maximum participants

Questions? Please contact Maria Adame Manager of On-Site Tours, at (310) 228-8447 or

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Moonlight Hikes

Looking for an adventure? Come howl at the moon and explore our trails after dark! Join us for our Moonlight Hikes, where we explore our beautiful Coldwater Canyon Park and neighboring Wilacre Park—after hours! We welcome hikers of all ages and experience levels to enjoy the outdoors with us.

Public Moonlight Hikes, weather permitting, are available the last Friday of every month. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for information about these public hikes.

For Private Hikes, please use the link below to book.

Grab a flashlight and join us to experience the beautiful Los Angeles evening skyline and walk under the light of the moon.

  • Relaxing Stroll– Slow paced to take in all the beauty and sounds around you, for kids and kids at heart
  • Brisk Walk– A great trail filled with fun facts, and a hill challenge at the end with a terrific view!
  • Trek Hike– A 2-mile power hike with incredible views that leave you breathless with a sense of accomplishment at climbing a mountain!


Monday - Saturday Only


8:00 PM

Start time is flexible and be changed to accommodate your group


$10 per person for a minimum of 10 people / maximum 100 (including yourself), children under 3 are free

Children must have adult supervision

Questions? Please contact Maria Adame Manager of On-Site Tours, at (310) 228-8447 or