Our Mission

TreePeople’s mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share our process as a model for the world.

Our Work

Trees need People. People need Trees.

Born in 1973 from the hopes and dreams of a teenager, TreePeople is now the largest environmental movement headquartered in Southern California. We have inspired, engaged, and supported more than 3 million people to take action for our environment by planting and caring for trees in forests, mountains, parks, and our neighborhoods. Our unique, engaging, and proven model empowers communities to plant a more resilient future and take personal responsibility for greening their neighborhoods. Through our on-the-ground research and educational programs, TreePeople shares knowledge with policymakers, students and educators, and communities around the world.

After fires burn, TreePeople reforests. When schools are covered in concrete, TreePeople creates green schoolyards. When communities experience food insecurity, TreePeople donates fruit trees. When California is drought-stricken, TreePeople designs solutions to capture rainwater. As the world faces increasing threats from a more hostile climate, TreePeople helps create actionable solutions.

We do this through your involvement and support in:



Working towards environmental and social justice among environmentally stressed communities.


Providing students, teachers and the school community with the knowledge, tools and support they need to create environmental change.


Restoring ecosystems, planting trees, and incorporating nature-based solutions from our pristine forests to our urban streets to our coastal communities.

Policy & Research

Conducting cutting-edge research and facilitating policies that support nature-based solutions.

Our People

The TreePeople team is made up of dedicated, passionate and veteran leaders in the environmental movement, committed to bringing research-based solutions to greening communities across our region. We represent the communities we serve, many of us raised in the same neighborhoods TreePeople works in. For this team, this isn’t just a workplace–this is our home.

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