TreePeople's Guide to Yards

Our urban forest, and our resilience against drought, includes your yard! Help us create a more sustainable Southern California by transforming and maintaining your yard into a gorgeous drought-resistant paradise. Our regional ecology is full of plants with bright flowers and healthy soils, not European grasses or rocks and cacti.

Half of urban water use goes towards outdoor irrigation. With these do-it-yourself solutions, you can help reduce the amount of water we waste.

Native Gardens

Native Garden Kit

Looking to start your very own native plant garden? Purchase this kit and let TreePeople take the guesswork out of finding the right plants for you with our carefully curated selection of Southern California natives.

SoCal Native Garden E-book

Your one-stop guide to everything you ever wanted to know about picking the right California native plants for your garden. From grasses, to flowers, to trees and more, let our 50 years of experience help you plant the garden of your dreams. Download the pdf here!

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TreePeople has a wealth of knowledge about trees, water, plants, soils, waste, and more. Visit our LEARN page for how-to’s, videos, and other information.

Blog Posts

Pruning 101: the TreePeople guide to proper tree pruning

If you’re a homeowner, a landscaping professional, or someone who just cares a lot about the health of your local trees, you’re probably familiar with the practice of pruning. In its simplest form, pruning involves removing excess branches from a tree. But how often should you be doing this?

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