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A scrapbook-inspired collage of vintage and contemporary photographs of TreePeople's logos over the years, vinyl stickers, pins, and oak leaves scattered over yellow wrinkled archival paper.

Community-Centered Branding: TreePeople’s Logo History

The year is 1970. At a summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains, a 15-year-old “leadership camper” named Andy Lipkis learns that air pollution from the city is killing Southern California’s forests. It was a striking realization for the budding environmentalist—one that stuck with him until college, and inspired the school project that would change…

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Eight Native California Wildflowers to Look for This Spring

It’s been a wet, rainy winter here in Southern California, and as we look towards the warmer days ahead, nature-lovers are wondering — does that mean there’s another superbloom in store?  The short answer is: it’s too soon to tell. While rain can help usher in the dramatic floral displays that blanket our hillsides in…

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How TreePeople is Greening Schoolyards

In the preface to Claire Latané’s Schools That Heal, she reminds us that “It is hard to make healthy schools. Even in neighborhoods that have plenty of resources, most school environments fall short of supporting students’ mental and physical health and well-being.” TreePeople’s School Greening initiative aims to collaborate with school communities to reimagine how…

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How to Prevent Your Trees From Falling During Storms

If you were in Los Angeles over the weekend, you no doubt felt the wrath of the winds! A wind advisory remained in effect across Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties throughout the weekend with gusts ranging from 25 mph to 50 mph across the region. Unfortunately, the winds brought dangerous conditions to the…

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