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TreePeople Impact Report

In 2022 TreePeople continued to adapt to our changing times; we were able to center our purpose around the communities we serve through a return to connecting with people face-to-face, classroom-to-classroom, and volunteer-to-volunteer, in addition to providing online resources and education. TreePeople’s Coldwater Canyon Park is once again welcoming groups of excited schoolchildren to experience Eco…

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Native plant garden illustration

What I Learned Planting My Native Garden

Are you thinking of replacing your lawn with a native garden? Turning your yard into a native landscape can be a powerful tool in protecting local habitat, saving you money on your water bill and lowering your carbon footprint. It can seem like a daunting challenge: where do you start, how hard is it to…

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TreePeople and Water In Southern California – A Decades Long Push for a Resilient Future

“The story of Los Angeles is the story of water,” remarks Peter Massey, TreePeople’s Project Manager of Water Equity Programs, noting how California’s modern history is so deeply intertwined with water issues.  The booming population expansion and growth into an agricultural superpower that defined California in the 20th century would not have been possible without…

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TreePeople’s 2022: A Big Year for a Greener California

As 2022 comes to a close, we here at TreePeople are looking back at what was an exciting year for creating a greener future across Southern California. With the help of people like you – our volunteers, our donors, those who spread the word, and those who fought alongside us to push for resilient cities,…

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