Why Support TreePeople

When communities face extreme heat, TreePeople plants and distributes shade trees. When California experiences climate emergencies like fires, droughts, and floods, TreePeople designs and implements sustainable solutions to protect and restore natural resources. When schools are covered in asphalt, TreePeople creates green schoolyards. When students worry about the future, TreePeople provides tools and education to train our next generation of environmental leaders. As the world faces increasing threats from climate change, TreePeople helps unite communities around actionable solutions.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TreePeople gladly accepts donations via mailed checks. To donate by check, please make your check payable to "TreePeople" and mail it to either our Coldwater Canyon Park headquarters or to our secure lockbox. Both addresses are as follows:

  • TreePeople; Attn: Development Dept.; 12601 Mulholland Drive; Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • TreePeople, Inc.; PO Box 840594; Los Angeles, CA 90084-0594

Donating via wire transfer is a convenient, secure way to support TreePeople. To make a donation via wire transfer, please contact our Development Team at development@treepeople.org for detailed instructions. We will provide you with the necessary information to initiate the wire transfer process.

We appreciate your support for our specific programs or departments! To designate your donation towards a particular program or department, please indicate your preference when making your donation via check. You can also contact our Development Team at develompent@treepeople.org to discuss your donation preferences and ensure that your contribution is directed towards your desired area of support. View our Sponsorship Document here to learn more about our various sponsorship opportunities.

Yes! TreePeople accepts donations in the form of appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. Donating appreciated assets can provide potential tax benefits for the donor. To donate appreciated assets, please contact our Development Team at development@treepeople.org for detailed instructions and to receive further assistance.

Charitable giving with TreePeople is a wonderful way to give back to the planet, while also helping you achieve your own financial goals. For an introduction to the ways that charitable giving can benefit your financial health, check out the Giving Intelligence podcast, in which our Executive Director of Development, Robyn Rehak, talks with host Mitchell Kraus about ways to give. Listen to Episode 6 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Audible.

For legal and financial advice, please speak with your professional advisors for more information.

We appreciate your help in saving trees and reducing paper waste! Please reach out to us with your mailing address using one of the following methods for assistance:

  • Email: Write to development@treepeople.org with your name and full mailing address and request to stop paper mail or correct double mailings.
  • Phone: Call us at (818) 753-8733 and provide your name and mailing address to our representative.