NEW: Research from Australia to Create a Water-Secure LA

What I witnessed in Australia truly shifted my thinking. Once I returned home, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about how to transform LA to capture and conserve water. -study trip delegate Councilmember Felipe Fuentes TreePeople is proud to announce the release of our new report, Transferring Lessons from […]

Learning lessons from the Millennium Drought, 2014 California Delegation to Australia: Melbourne and Adelaide

Learning lessons from the Millennium Drought 2014 California Delegation to Australia: Melbourne and Adelaide Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent, and between 1997 and 2010 it faced an unprecedented challenge. During what is now called the “Millennium Drought,” lakes and reservoirs turned to dust. Thankfully, the country emerged from the epic dry spell stronger and […]

US-Australian Dialogue on Water Visits Los Angeles on January 13

You are invited to an international event! Be a part of the US-Australian Dialogue on Water, which has major implications for Los Angeles’ water future. For over 20 years, TreePeople has been promoting the value of trees and nature-based urban planning as the best means of securing a sustainable, affordable and secure water supply for […]

Learning from Australia’s Drought: TreePeople Draws Lessons From Down Under

In 2012, TreePeople began an exchange between government, research and community organizations in Australia and Southern California. The aim of the program: to share innovations, best practices and experience in urban rainwater capture, water conservation practices and drought response—topics that are increasingly relevant as the climate of the American Southwest (and beyond) changes for the […]

Conoce a un TreePerson: Peter Massey, Gerente de Cumplimiento de Contratos

¡Hola TreePeople! Todos somos TreePeople, algunos de nosotros simplemente trabajamos aquí. El TreePerson de hoy es Peter Massey, Gerente de Cumplimiento de Contratos. Peter tiene más de 15 años de experiencia en diseño y administración de subvenciones y contratos, con un valor total de hasta $ 30 millones. Los proyectos incluyen fondos para TreePeople Center […]

Binge-Watching Nature

If you’re looking for a great nature documentary or series, TreePeople has you covered.

Seasons, Los Angeles Style

If you ask someoneto describe the four seasons (and I’m not talking about Vivaldi’s music or the hotel), you’ll most likely hear that fall is when plants slow down and begin to drop their leaves (if they’re deciduous), winter is when they sleep, spring is all about new growth, and summer is a burst of […]

Have You Spotted These 10 LA Trees?

Time for a quick lesson in dendrology! How many of these trees have you seen around your neighborhood? Here’s the countdown: 10. Bauhinia variegata (Purple orchid tree)   The Bauhinia variegata is a semi-evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia. Not only do the flowers that grow on these trees smell amazing, but they […]