Working alongside communities towards environmental and social justice.

Welcome to our community. We are all TreePeople, regardless of age, race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, income, or religious beliefs. We know that trees have the power not only to connect communities, but to heal and create more resilient communities.

We connect people to their urban forest by directly and authentically organizing communities to come together to experience natural spaces, learn about essential life cycles that maintain them, plant and care for trees, harvest rain, and renew depleted landscapes.

At TreePeople, we are committed to including communities in every aspect of our work, from planning and understanding water infrastructure to tree planting and program implementation. TreePeople’s approach to working alongside communities is guided by the understanding that building climate resilient communities requires long overdue investments that are directly informed, guided, and led by community members. We are a community-based organization, meaning that the community is in the center when it comes to combating climate change and social justice issues. We know that no feat is too big if we involve the community.

TreePeople’s mission will not be done until those that suffer the most adverse impacts of pollution, lack of trees, and climate change have access to fresh air and clean water, to safe open spaces and shaded streets, to healthy food and green jobs.