Need Trees? Call TreePeople

Better yet, handwrite us a letter. TreePeople received a package of just this type of letter from students at Sylvan Elementary School in Van Nuys. The youngsters missed the shade of three trees recently removed from their campus, and they took action.

Not just heart-warming, their handwritten letters were effective. They grabbed our attention, and with the combined leadership of TreePeople and a strategically-assembled Green Team of Sylvan’s students, parents, teachers and principal—they succeeded in getting exactly what they knew they needed and deserved, and more.

I won’t ruin the ending of this happy story for you. Please read it here, from the newsletter of Los Angeles School Board Member Tamar Galatzan. But I will tell you that this is what TreePeople does best—we work with members of local Los Angeles communities to plant the right trees in the right places, and take care of them in the right ways to ensure shade and a myriad of other benefits to our schools, parks, streets and ourselves.

And don’t worry, for you, our faithful blog readers, we’ll also accept phone calls and e-mails.

By Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott brings her background in development and project management, plus her new graduate degree in social entrepreneurship, to her work at TreePeople. She thinks trees are the neatest, and when she’s not blogging enjoys carpooling with TreePeople’s founder and president.