Celebrate Urban Trees as Superheroes on National Arbor Day, April 26

U.S. Forest Service researchers have published compelling evidence* of urban trees’ immense carbon storage capacity. Along with the other many things they do to improve the environment, trees absorb carbon dioxide emissions from a multitude of pollution sources in our cities. “Thus,” the researchers conclude, “urban trees influence local climate, carbon cycles, energy use, and climate change.”

National Arbor Day is April 26. We join our friends at Alliance for Community Trees in the firm belief that reducing atmospheric CO2 is one of the most important functions of the urban forest—and that people can play a big role. For 40 years, TreePeople has inspired, engaged, and supported people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, planting and caring for trees and restoring the ecosystem of Greater Los Angeles.

This Arbor Day, how will you recognize trees as the climate-change-fighting superheroes that they are?

Train to become a Citizen Forester, May 4 

Train to become a Citizen Arborist, May 11–June 29 

*Download the full report by U.S. Forest Service researchers David J. Nowak, Eric J. Greenfield, Robert E. Hoehn, and Elizabeth Lapoint.