TreePeople’s beloved Eco-tours have gone virtual! We invite elementary school students and teachers on a virtual guided adventure through TreePeople’s headquarters at Coldwater Canyon Park. The three age/grade-appropriate sessions offer synchronous learning at its best and connect with NGSS concepts. The use of storytelling, songs, riddles, movement and more, provides a unique interactive experience for students. Supplemental asynchronous activities are also provided.

All virtual tours include

  • Virtual tour through the trails at Coldwater Canyon Park led by a TreePeople educator
  • Fun-filled activities that include interactive displays, hands-on learning, native plant identification and more
  • Supplemental asynchronous BINGO activity sheet
  • Link to Magical City Forest curriculum


Only Tuesday – Thursday tour dates are available


Session 1: 9am – 10am
Session 2: 11am – 12pm
Session 3: 1pm – 2pm


$150 for up to 30 students

Kindergarten and 1st grade: “Wonders of the City Forest”

This 35-minute program takes students on a virtual excursion to explore the wonders of the city forest. As part of this interactive journey they visit the Dirt Doctors laboratory, receive a message from Waterdrop, discover a box full of special gifts, and learn how to care for trees at home. Students participate through movement, songs, riddles and share what they learn in their “wonder journal” all to better understand the important elements of the forest in our city.

2nd - 4th grade: “Treasures of the City Forest”

This 45-minute program takes students on a virtual excursion in search of Treasure Rings that symbolize natural cycles existing in our city forest. Students visit the Dirt Doctors laboratory, explore a treasure box of nature’s treasures in disguise, see a rainstorm in our Urban Watershed Garden, and more. Students write in their journal the problems they observe, investigate it further, and come up with solutions to better understand how organisms in an ecosystem depend on each other!

5th-6th grade: “Solutions of the City Forest”

This 1-hour program takes students on a virtual excursion to learn how we can mimic natural ecosystems to solve environmental problems. Students earn “letters” as they determine which forest-based solutions are at work throughout the park. They explore trees, permeable surfaces, an underground cistern, rain barrels, and much more. At the end, the letters reveal the last, and perhaps most important forest-based solution that will empower students to take what they learn and apply it to their own home.