4 Tips for Your Climate-Ready Yard

Do you feel the following symptoms?

  • Constant urge to be outside
  • An itch to dig in the soil
  • A need for a garden that turns heads?

If so, you could be suffering from Planting Fever!

Now is a great time to get out into your yard and plant! But before you get your hands dirty, watch this video and check out these four tips to grow the climate-ready garden of your dreams:

Buy native and/or climate-appropriate plants

Native plants are indigenous and support our local wildlife. Climate appropriate plants have adapted to the temperature and rainfall of a region.

Here’s how to find them: look for plants labeled “CA Friendly,”  “Native” or with a“low” water-use rating at your local nursery.   

Learn your climate zone

Some plants like hot, dry weather while others thrive in cool coastal breezy conditions. Find out what zone you live in!

How many plants?

When plants are placed too close together, they tend to “choke” each other out and don’t survive. Know how much garden space you have to work with and how big the plants you want in your garden will grow to choose how many come home with you.

Choose plants with similar water needs

Be more waterwise! 

When water-loving plants are forced to compete with water-saving plants, one of them dies. Don’t forget to check the nursery tag to see if the plant has a high, medium, low or very-low water need.