TreePeople Native Garden Kit

The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program is designed to make native landscape transformation accessible, affordable, and hassle-free. This program will help residents reduce water usage, beautify the urban environment, and support native plant nurseries across Southern California.

Instant rebates are offered by some of our water agency partners. Complete the brief survey by entering your address, including city and zip code, to determine if you are eligible to receive a discount on the native garden kit.

What’s Inside Your Kit

  • 10, one-gallon native plants
    • Pre-designed for 10’x10,’ or any 100 square foot garden space
  • A ‘plant-by-number’ site map
  • A native plant installation guide and educational materials

Garden Kit Palettes

Native Plant Information

All plants will be locally-sourced native plants grown by nurseries such as Growing Works, TreePeople, and others.

The TreePeople Native Garden Kits intend to accommodate regional, ecological, social, and aesthetic priorities for Southern California.

Steps to Prepare Your Native Garden

  1. Measure your garden space
  2. Optional: Apply for grass rebate program—Cash For Grass Rebate Program here
  3. Remove turf
  4. Determine your zone: Coastal, inland, foothills, shade, full-sun, partial shade?
  5. Determine if your garden space has efficient irrigation
  6. Order your garden kit here
  7. Pick up your garden kit
  8. Use guide to install garden