Get To Know Your New Shade Tree!

Get to know some of our urban shade trees!

Hi TreePeople,

Today, we’ll be talking to some of the most common shade trees that TreePeople staff and volunteers plant in our urban communities. 

These trees have decided to share their secrets and even some fun facts!

Hello there! My name is Crape Myrtle and I’m so happy to meet you! 

I’m originally from China, Korea, Japan, and India, but I feel right at home here in the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles. 

Once I’m full-grown, I’ll be 25 feet tall and my branches will reach out just as wide, giving you tons of shade and bright pink flowers every spring and into fall. 

Once winter comes around, my leaves will drop and I may look dead, but I’m just asleep! Even when my branches are bare, I let the sun shine on your home to give you some warmth.

What’s up? My name is Arbutus ‘Marina’ but you can call me the Strawberry Tree

Although I’m not related to strawberries, my fruit is delicious and can even be used in your baking. 

I’m originally from the warm climate of Southern Europe which is why California reminds me of my native home! 

When I grow up, I’ll get to be up to 30 feet tall and wide and since I’m an evergreen tree, my leaves won’t fall and make a mess on your sidewalk. 

My blossoms and fruit attract hummingbirds and other critters looking for a home or food.

Howdy! My name is Chitalpa and I’m a pretty unique tree if you ask me!

I’m actually a hybrid species and my parents are Chilopsis and Catalpa so my name is a mix of theirs. 

I can get as big as 35 feet and I show off beautiful white flowers that look like trumpets in spring and summer. 

I attract so many pollinator friends like hummingbirds and bees so your neighborhood is always buzzing with activity!

Hi! My name is Hong Kong Orchid.  One fun fact about me is that my bright flower is featured on the flag of Hong Kong! 

Although I look like a tropical tree, I’m perfect for our Los Angeles weather and can make it through our hot summers with a little care.

As a semi-deciduous tree, my flowers bloom in fall and drop by spring, but they always come back the following fall. 

Hummingbirds, bees, and other critters love to visit me and I always add a dash of bright colors to your home!

G’day! I’m the New Zealand Christmas Tree and unsurprisingly, I have a pretty festive palette of red flowers and green leaves that blossom in summer! 

I have thick leathery leaves that help keep in precious moisture during hot, dry days and those pesky Santa Ana winds. 

In the fall, my bright red flowers turn into gray fruit that helps feed birds getting ready for winter. I can get pretty tall, up to 35 feet to be exact, and I’ll always provide shade to your home no matter the season.

All of these trees and many more of their friends have been chosen for our urban communities because they’re climate-appropriate, won’t break up sidewalks, and drop little to no leaf litter. These trees need your help to grow and thrive!

If you want to learn more about your new tree, please reach out to your local Regional Manager or Community Organizer!