5 Ways to Be Cool This Summer – The TreePeople Way!

The hot, dry days of summer are here!

As much as an air-conditioned building may seem like a great escape, there are some other ways to stay cool that are not only good for you and the environment but can also help you be cool – the TreePeople way.

#1  Spend Some Time Under the Shade of Trees

Throw down a yoga mat, blanket, or hang a hammock to enjoy the canopy of shade provided by trees. This is not only a great way to stay cool, but healthy too!

Starting in 2004, researchers in Japan studied the mind and body effects of forest bathing, or in other words, spending time under the trees. The study showed that exposure to trees helped with hostility, depression, increased liveliness, and improved overall well-being.

Feel great, add a picnic and you’ve got it made (or see #4)!

#2  Re-Cover the Soil

Summer heat is hard on soil. For a thriving landscape of plants and trees, healthy soil is essential, so remember to refresh the mulch in your garden.

Mulch keeps the soil cooler when months of no rain can dry and compact soil. When dried out, soil loses its ability to hold moisture and air that is essential for plant roots.  By adding a 4-inch layer of mulch, it helps prevent water evaporation, retains moisture, and ultimately helps to preserve the structure of the soil.

How cool is that? Go here for a simple How-to on mulching.

#3  Catch Some Condensate

If you are running your air-conditioning unit to stay cool, you might as well collect some water while you are at it!

What many people don’t realize is that when an air conditioner runs, it pulls moisture from the air – removing condensation (like that found on the outside of a cold glass) produced by the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. In most homes, that moisture is drained and then pumped outside through a condensation pipe or hose. Typically, this water is directed onto the ground outside, near the foundation of the house, creating a swamp-like area.

This water comes from the air and is perfectly healthy for garden plants, so why waste it? Place a bucket or, even better, a rain barrel under the hose/pipe to collect the water for reuse.  Now, you can collect water all summer long!

Go here for a How-to on installing a rain barrel.

#4  Join Us For a Performance!

When the summer sun goes down, and the temperatures cool, it is the perfect time to enjoy an evening performance under the trees at TreePeople’s summer series Once Upon A Canyon Night in our home of Coldwater Canyon Park!

This venue is perfect for summertime evening entertainment that includes comedy, theater, and music. This year’s lineup features Maz Jobrani, Louden Swain, “Airplane! The Reading!” and more!

Go here for more information on dates, times and cost.

#5 Cool Off in a Cool New TreePeople Tank or Tee!

Want to keep cool and look cool all summer long? Make sure to get one of our “Trees Need People” t-shirts and tank tops. Proceeds from sales help us protect our park from extreme heat all summer long.

Order yours today!

Five great options! Do one or all, either way, you are sure to be the coolest kid on the block – at least in our book!