3,500 Join Us at the LA Environmental Education Fair

Our youth are the key for a climate-ready LA.

Last month, TreePeople’s Generation Earth team joined environmental education partners and agencies at the Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair (LAEEF) to educate and be inspired by LA’s next generation of climate champions. It was a packed day of fun at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

[blockquote source=”Gary Widdison, Los Angeles County Office of Education“]“LAEEF is a long-standing tradition that has reinvented itself from time to time to serve the changing needs of students, teachers, and schools. It provides an opportunity for students to share and for teachers to network and learn about valuable curriculum resources. It is a motivating day for all!” [/blockquote]

Attendance this year broke the record! More than 3,500 people joined the event, including 1,000 youth, to showcase that the curiosity for science is alive and thriving.

Nearly 20 of the 65 participating schools shared projects supported through TreePeople’s programming, too! All the projects focused on environmental issues students worked on during the school year. They each had a table where students talked with visitors and about their concerns and findings.

LAEEF is an amazing opportunity to celebrate environmental education and service learning. Everyone wins when schools offer students opportunities for quality environmental education.

Did you know benefits extend beyond creating a cleaner, healthier world? Studies show environmental education can have significant benefits to a student’s overall learning experience across all academic disciplines.

Teachers come away motivated with new ideas to use in their classrooms, and students get the satisfaction of knowing their hard work is recognized in the community. Everyone comes away with renewed enthusiasm for critically essential science concepts that impact our everyday lives.

TreePeople is proud to take a leadership role at this great event that brings together diverse public and private stakeholders to work together on behalf of students, teachers and local communities.

Want to learn more about our Environmental Education Program? Contact Loyda Ramos, Education Outreach Manager at lramos@treepeople.org.