Mulching: Less Mowing, More Growing!

It’s that time of year! Winter rains have come, the air is fresh, flowers are beginning to pop, and the days are warm and crisp. It’s the perfect time to look out over your yard and wonder:

“Is it time to finally ditch the turf and bring on the mulch?”

Not only does ditching turf mean less mowing, it also helps keep soil healthy and is a great way to cut back on water use. Sheet mulching is one way to remove it safely without poisonous chemicals!

Before you break out your shovels and gardening gloves, look at your yard and  consider your options:

  • Expand out from an existing garden space bordering the lawn. This is a quick and easy way to slowly work toward a smaller lawn space.
  • Create a mulched zone around your trees. Trees are happier when they are not competing with grass for water.
  • Remove the grass in your parkway. There are a variety of beautiful, climate-appropriate options to replace thirsty grass. Follow these guidelines to learn appropriate planting and a list of approved plants.

Once you’ve decided what grass to remove, you can get started. This video shows just how easy it is to sheet mulch.

Looking to find some mulch for your yard? Here are some extra tips on where to receive mulch:

Ask an Arborist

Did you know a truckload of free mulch can be delivered to your home by an arborist?  Search the web for “Tree Service” to find someone in your area.Make sure to let them know you will be using it around plants and don’t want wood chips from a diseased tree or palms!

Buying Your Own Mulch

Bags of mulch can be purchased at your local nursery or home improvement stores. Don’t buy sawdust or wood shavings though. These won’t allow enough air into the soil.

Enjoy your mulched, grass-free space! , Whether it’s a veggie garden, flower garden, or a treat for your trees – it sure beats mowing!

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By Caitlin Dunham

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Forestry and Natural Resource Management, Caitlin discovered a passion for working in social media and marketing and eventually found her way to TreePeople. With her unique forestry and marketing background, Caitlin is now growing and thriving within TreePeople’s Yurt Village. She loves that she can bridge the gap between science and marketing and is at the frontlines of educating Angelenos on trees and how they can save LA.