Find Strength in Community. Join Us.

Dear Friends,

The national election has left our country dangerously divided and vulnerable to climate change’s growing, deadly impacts like drought, heat, flooding, and fires.

We now face efforts to dismantle progress made to fight climate change and protect our environment. So, for everyone ready to unite and stand up for a better climate, we are here and we welcome you.  

Californians CAN have a future where every neighborhood has green space, where every child grows up breathing easier under the shade of a tree, and where we unite to prepare our families and communities for what lies ahead. But not without your help.

Together, we CAN make meaningful change. This year alone, TreePeople has:

There is not a moment to lose.

What we do here matters — what YOU do next matters.

Support us. Make a year-end donation.

Get involved. Join us the day after Thanksgiving for what we hope will be a new annual tradition – A Hike for Healing.

Volunteer. Help plant a tree, restore a park, shade a street, green a school.

Stay with us. Together, we can plant a better future and recommit ourselves —

  • To the simple act of planting a tree.
  • To the promise of what trees represent to our children and grandchildren.
  • To cherishing every drop of rain that falls and respecting every drop of water we use.
  • To building a community across lines of race, religion, class, national origin and politics.



-Andy Lipkis, Founder and President & Cindy Montañez, CEO

By Andy Lipkis

Andy Lipkis is a practical visionary who has dedicated his life to healing the environment while improving the lives of individuals and communities. He founded TreePeople in Los Angeles in 1973 at age 18 and continues to serve as its President. Andy has spearheaded an approach using trees and forest-inspired technologies to make cities sustainable while mitigating floods, drought, pollution, and climate change. Called “Functioning Community Forests,” it is being demonstrated in L.A. as a model for cities everywhere.