Say Hello to Some of our Furry Friends in Coldwater Canyon Park!

TreePeople is responsible for the care and maintenance of Coldwater Canyon Park in beautiful Beverly Hills. This 45-acre expanse of land is a hiking hub, a fantastic city view lookout point, and a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

The park doesn’t belong to us alone, absolutely not. It also belongs to the hikers who join us, to the students who come to visit, and to the wildlife that calls the park home. We have cameras set throughout the park so we can keep an eye on these furry friends, who we’d like to introduce you to today!

Here’s little Bambi, whose antlers are coming in nicely: 

This family of bobcats out for a stroll:  

We’re sure this little guy is late for a very important date:

Just a skunk in the night, minding its own business:

A Fantastic Mr. Fox:

And, of course, a wild nursery manager, Jack, out to get the cameras! 

These amazing creatures all play a role in the complex ecosystem that exists in Coldwater Canyon Park and are a great example of who you might come across if you live in the foothills of the Santa Monica or San Gabriel Mountains.

To support the work we do in the park, please take a look at our website or join us for a volunteer day in the park to learn more!