A Look at Environmental Education at TreePeople

TreePeople is known across Southern California for planting trees, but that’s not all we do. 

One of our most important jobs is deepening knowledge of the environment and our relationship to it with as many people as possible. This is why we have an environmental education team (aka the “EE Team”) in our Yurt Village. Their main goal is to support and empower youth to advocate for themselves and their communities around environmental issues by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and understanding of the environment and partnering alongside them to take action through hands-on meaningful projects!

We want to use this blog to share some of the work that this fantastic team gets up to on a daily basis:

Working with teachers- 

Generation Earth - Summer Institute 2019

Through the L.A. Public Works Generation Earth program, our EE Team hosts workshops throughout the year to teach middle and high school teachers how to integrate environmental learning into the classroom with hands-on projects. They also provide helpful info about how to do the opposite: taking the classroom outside!

Expanding Environmental Literacy Leadership

TreePeople at Kadima Day School

TreePeople is part of the California Environmental Literacy Initiative, which is a statewide initiative that is dedicated to supporting environmental literacy for all students.

Hosting Eco-Tours-

International Day of Forests EcoTours-99

Did you know that over 10,000 students experience our Eco-Tour every year? Here at our headquarters in Coldwater Canyon Park, we engage and connect K-12 students to the local ecosystem that surrounds them. Full of hands-on, fun activities where students experience the magic of nature, these trips are always a day to remember! 

Youth Leadership-

Youth Leadership Service Learning

We at TreePeople believe in supporting our youth to mobilize around addressing environmental issues in their communities. That’s why, through the L.A. County Public Works Generation Earth program, we work alongside youth to do environmental projects in their schools and neighborhoods!

Our rockstar EE team is doing the work on the ground that MUST be done to ensure our youth have a voice, a platform, and the tools they need to address environmental issues they care about. The EE team is also deeply committed to supporting our hardworking teachers in integrating the environment and outdoor learning into their teaching. 

Way to go, EE Team! For more information, please visit www.treepeople.org under the “Programs” tag!