I Am TreePeople: Victoria McHenry

“I feel that I am truly part of the team.”

When you volunteer with TreePeople, you do more than just put trees in the ground, you become part of a team that is helping save LA. Victoria McHenry, one of our amazing office volunteers, discovered this when she joined us earlier this year. Her roots take her back to the east coast, but her sense of adventure brought her out to turn a new leaf in LA.

Victoria was on the hunt for a more meaningful volunteer opportunity when she discovered TreePeople. Tired of being stuck behind a front desk, she longed for a place where she felt she could put her whole heart to good use. She soon found that Yurt Village was just the place for her.

“TreePeople gives back in so many more ways than people realize! It goes so much further than just the tree plantings–you guys are everywhere when it comes to greening LA!”

As an office volunteer, our Development Department has truly come to rely on her to help with different administrative tasks– whether it is online data analysis or stuffing new member packets, Victoria can and will do it all with a smile on her face. She sees it as her way to help fellow Angelenos make a difference in their communities.

“Everyone needs to be hands-on in creating change. People should try and get involved in any way they can, even if it isn’t labor intensive.”

Volunteering hasn’t just given her a space to give back to LA, it’s also taught her how to be sustainable at home.

“I do try and be more sustainable in my own life now, whether it’s to recycle as much as I can, not buying bottled water anymore or by turning off lights when I’m not using them. I try and do every little bit I can to help,” she said.

Thanks for all your amazing help, Victoria!

Inspired by Victoria’s story? Sign up to volunteer or check out how you can help out in Yurt Village today.

By Caitlin Dunham

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Forestry and Natural Resource Management, Caitlin discovered a passion for working in social media and marketing and eventually found her way to TreePeople. With her unique forestry and marketing background, Caitlin is now growing and thriving within TreePeople’s Yurt Village. She loves that she can bridge the gap between science and marketing and is at the frontlines of educating Angelenos on trees and how they can save LA.