TreePeople Supports Senator Pavley’s Climate-Resilience Bill

As California faces prolonged drought, we each have a responsibility to take action to adapt to this new normal.

To grow a more climate-resilient Los Angeles, we not only need to stabilize our local water supplies– but we also need to care for trees– they protect us from the impacts of climate change and help capture rainwater.

Over the past several months, TreePeople has had the honor of working with Senator Fran Pavley’s team to develop and sponsor a bill to protect California’s tree canopy. Senate Bill 1294 (SB 1294), The Climate and Drought Resilience Program of 2016, was introduced in a hearing in March, and is now moving to the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality!

The bill contains three important pillars to protect urban forests:

  1. New goals for local tree canopy targets. Encouraging cities to create data-driven goals for urban canopies secures the benefits trees provide to help fight climate change.
  2. Tree maintenance plans. Planted trees won’t survive if we don’t plan for their ongoing care! Proper tree care makes for healthy trees, and healthy trees capture carbon, cool communities and clean our air.
  3. Maximize locally sourced water for urban trees. Even with water resources becoming more scarce, we can’t afford to neglect our urban forests. California can lead the way in creating innovative solutions to care for trees that conserves water AND maintains trees.

Thanks to partners like Senator Pavley and co-author Senator Bob Hertzberg, we’re elevating California’s policies and programs as models for water and climate resilience.

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By Jenny Binstock

Jenny works on the policy team at TreePeople and has worked for over a decade on environmental, social justice, and global health issues. Her work involves making sure that local, county, and state policies advance the organization's goals for a thriving and sustainable Los Angeles. When she's not running between TreePeople's Yurt Village and City Hall, Jenny enjoys the good life: travel, books, food, art, music, film, the outdoors, and exploring and building community in LA.