The Only #Goals You Need This Earth Day

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.” The Lorax, Dr. Seuss

I’ve always been inspired by this simple phrase. Of course, we all want better things. We want great educations for our children or younger siblings. We want clean streets and sidewalks. We want a city that is clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. But none of these things happen spontaneously! They require the hard work and dedication of people like you and me.

A few weeks ago 30 volunteers gathered at Sheldon Arleta Park to care for trees that hundreds of Pacoima residents rely on to provide the community with clean air and shade. Unfortunately,  nearly every tree was drought-stressed, with brittle limbs and struggling canopy.


But there’s good news! Because those volunteers dedicated their Saturday morning to weed, water and mulch dozens of trees in the park were saved.

You can help, too. Take the TreePeople Volunteer Pledge to commit to care for LA’s trees three times in 2016.  

Trees can’t survive on their own in this ongoing drought. Will you rise to help us protect them? TreePeople holds planting, care and restoration events every weekend, year round.

When you take the pledge, we will connect you to an upcoming event opportunity to care for trees and meet fellow Angelenos, all while working toward your  goal! Want to inspire some friendly competition? Challenge your family and friends to take the pledge, too!

Volunteers make a special impact on their community. We move people to come together to plant trees to create healthy, shaded parks, schools and neighborhoods. We put trees into the ground to make an investment for our city’s climate-resilience.  We protect our most vulnerable from heat and air pollution– all with the help of trees.

Your decision to take action and volunteer with TreePeople impacts Los Angeles for decades as those trees continue to grow  and create a healthy environment for each of us to enjoy.

What are you waiting for?  The trees need you! Pledge to volunteer right now! 


By Peter Roquemore

Peter Roquemore is TreePeople's Volunteer Manager. Peter has spent the past six years organizing communities around renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean water. He is excited to be working side by side with TreePeople's volunteers to help grow and restore our urban forest and wild lands. New to Los Angeles you can find Peter on his bike exploring LA's streets and mountain trails or tracking down LA's best vegan taco.