Are holiday trees environmentally friendly?

Have you ever wondered what the environmentally responsible choice is for your holiday cheer? Should you get a tree or not? If you do decorate with a tree, should you choose real or fake? To rent a tree or to buy one? No matter your decision, there are some great points to remember when sourcing a tree for the holiday season.

Real vs Fake holiday tree?

Unless you already own an artificial tree, go with the real thing. There are a couple of reasons, but the most argued point is that the time that the tree is alive benefits the planet. Yes, when you chop it down, that’s the end for the tree. However, the tree gave back so much when it was alive such as helping reduce carbon dioxide from our air and helping give back to the watershed among.

What about pesticides and transportation?

Like many other things we buy, local and organic is best. Look for Christmas tree farms that use low-spray and integrated pest management and/or are members of the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers.

Buy local. Most of LA’s Christmas trees are trucked in from up north, but why not select a lovely California native, bring it inside for a week (not too much longer), decorate it, then plant in your garden? You can even deck the halls with a Western Redbud or a Sycamore!

Why not dedicate a tree?

Dedicate a tree
this holiday season as a symbolic, thoughtful alternative to a traditional Christmas tree. You can order one with us anytime here to show your love for conservation and the environment!

Can you rent holiday trees?

Yes – there is actually a LA local company that will help you do just that! The Living Christmas Co. will deliver a tree of your choice to your door then pick it up a few weeks later. Renting your tree is a sustainable option for your holiday decor.

What about when I’m done using my tree?

Did you know that old holiday trees make great mulch? Yes, even Christmas trees can be recycled!

REMOVE all decorations, tinsel, and stand from the tree.

CUT* the tree into pieces, if needed, to fit into green bin.

PLACE the tree pieces inside the green bin and put out for regular pick-up on collection day.

*If your Christmas tree is too big to cut and place inside the green bin, simply place the tree curbside next to your green waste bin on collection day.

As you can see, there are so many wonderful options this time of year for spreading holiday cheer in your home. Whether you decide to adopt a living tree or get one from a reputable lot, trees are truly a gift that keeps on giving.

From our family to yours, the TreePeople team wishes you a happy, sustainable holiday!

By Jessica Jewell

Jessica is TreePeople’s Director of Marketing and Communications. A native Southern Californian, you can find her wandering local trails, hanging out with her sidekick, Penny the Rescue Puppy, on her yoga mat, reading some Phillip K. Dick, or in her kitchen cooking up vegan confections.

Jessica's professional background goes back to her time working at PETA where she worked on celebrity campaigns, and a stint in the entertainment industry, where she worked at Technicolor on their Global Marketing Team.