The Greater LA Water Collaborative

The communities of Los Angeles County can achieve a climate-resilient future and be better protected from flooding and drought. It’s not just something that TreePeople believes. It’s something we’re actively working toward in partnership with the City and County of Los Angeles.

This vision can only be accomplished if we work together. That’s why a groundbreaking coalition of agency partners, including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the City’s Bureau of Sanitation and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, have joined forces to craft integrated solutions to the water challenges facing the region. It’s called the Greater LA Water Collaborative.

The Collaborative’s StormCatcher Project (#LAStormCatcher) has retrofitted pilot homes with large tanks (cisterns) and rain gardens to demonstrate how Angelenos can secure a climate-resilient future by capturing stormwater at home.

Though not yet widely adopted locally, cisterns are an age-old, proven tool to help combat drought globally. The StormCatcher Project features cisterns built for the 21st century, equipped with cloud-based monitoring and controls to optimize system performance in real time. Our new climate reality requires a new approach to water management, and the StormCatcher Project promises just that: government agencies and the public partnering to recharge local water supply, reduce polluted runoff and avert flood risk.

Together, we can achieve a climate-resilient LA.

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