Hillery T. Broadous Elementary School

With the support of the school district the site was retrofitted to capture, treat and hold all the rain falling there, reducing the flood risk and recharging the groundwater. An underground infiltration system, a swale, permeable ground cover, and in partnership with hundreds of community volunteers, trees were planted that replaced over 30 percent of the asphalt that once covered the campus.

Status: Completed

Open Charter Elementary School

TreePeople, LAUSD, the L.A. County Open Space District and L.A.’s Bureau of Sanitation greened this hardscaped elementary campus. An underground treatment-and-storage facility was installed to capture campus runoff and reduce the pollutant load to Santa Monica Bay. New playing fields above a 110,000-gallon underground cistern provide much-needed recreation space. Additionally, in partnership with hundreds of community members, a forest was planted that included 88 new trees, swales and other vegetation enhancements on the urban campus.

Status: Completed

Forest Aid: A New Campaign to Heal our Forests

Status: Ongoing

Watts Rising

Status: Draft

Green Priorities in Los Angeles County: Tree Canopy Data to Support Decision Making

Tree canopy is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing in Los Angeles. It protects vulnerable populations from the sun, mitigates the urban heat island effect, and reduces public health risks such as chronic respiratory illnesses.

Status: Completed