TreePeople’s W. M. Keck Foundation Nursery is an accredited phytosanitary facility that grows thousands of native plants for projects around Los Angeles. We support our Mountain Forestry programs and work with numerous partners in support of habitat enhancement and fire mitigation. The nursery also contributes to urban greening projects through community partnerships including park plantings, campus greening, and garden kits.

Look for opportunities to adopt free trees and plants from our nursery at our annual Saplings for Donors and at community tabling events!

Phytophthora (pronounced Fie-TOF-thora) means “plant destroyer” in latin. These microscopic organisms travel from contaminated material via water to desirable hosts, drawn by the chemical signals emitted in root systems. Disease manifests as root rot, wilting, and foliar dieoff, as the pathogen eventually blocks the vascular system of plants and trees. Visible symptoms often don’t develop until right before the plant dies. Sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum) is a significant example of its impact in California. There are currently no effective treatments for infected plants – only containment and mitigation. The best strategy is prevention! Protocols in the nursery include pasteurizing soil (steam treating 140-180º F), storing plants on porous surfaces off the ground, and sanitizing tools regularly.

We propagate, transplant, and care for over 80 species of plants native to this region, including threatened and endemic species. Our nursery grows nearly all plant stock from seeds that we collect from local watersheds.

Propagation often involves breaking natural seed dormancy to achieve better germination rates. To overcome a plant’s strategy for inhibiting growth we mimic its ideal conditions for growing through a variety of techniques (including using cold, heat, smoke, or physical scarification). Figuring out what a seed needs in order to wake from its dormant state can be like unlocking a puzzle! Once plants are germinated we rely on the help of dedicated volunteers and interns to water and transplant them until they’re matured to survive out-planting at restoration sites.


We offer annual saplings for adoptions to our donors!

Check out the native plant garden kits. We do contract grows for mountain forestry and other projects. Please email Nursery & Restoration Specialist Katie Aymar for inquiries.

Yes, please email Nursery volunteering opportunities take place from 9am - 12pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays. Volunteering in the nursery is by appointment only.

Typically, no but we do sometimes accept seeds and acorns.  We mostly house plants from other clean-grow facilities that we contract with.