Local Policy Work

Working directly with school districts to prioritize and adopt properly funded school greening projects.

Over the last three years, TreePeople has created and implemented a Green Schoolyards policy and programmatic strategy with Los Angeles Unified School District. By working with school districts to prioritize and adopt properly funded green schools, TreePeople knows they provide one of the greatest opportunities for resilience and educational, social, environmental, public health and economic justice. TreePeople defines green schools as not just the infrastructure to green campuses, but also a learning environment that fosters and supports outdoor learning and environmental literacy.

TreePeople is dedicated to working with frontline, low-income communities of color suffering from a legacy of environmental injustices with our school greening priorities. Our experience with LAUSD and other districts has exposed many barriers they face to prioritize green schools. We are continuing to align with local and state efforts for climate change, environmental literacy and urban greening with districts, administrators and the school community.