Find the Right School Project for You

Ready to make a difference and learn more about the environment, but not sure which Eco-club project is right for you, your class or your friends?

To determine the toolkit that’s right for you and your school, take a few minutes to answer the following questionnaire.

It’s simple and comprises 4 questions: SPACE, FUNDS, ADMIN INVOLVEMENT, and SUBJECT. Write down your answers to each question and find the corresponding row(s) in the charts below to determine which project is right for you. Remember, each cluster of answers can yield more than one project, so keep an eye out for multiple options!

NOTE: At the end of the questionnaire, there are two different answer keys. Here’s why:

  1. The first answer key will lead you directly to resources through TreePeople to get your project started; the links under the “project” row will take you to the correct forms and pages to sign up.
  2. The second answer key will lead you to resources written by students who have completed successful projects with TreePeople in the past! While you can do a project just as it’s listed below, we can always adjust to meet your goals and ideas. Once you’ve found a resource that has you inspired, contact us at to help you organize the project.


Question 1: How much space is available for your project?

  1. Little to none (under 3 square feet)
  2. A small amount (3-10 square feet)
  3. Plenty (more than 10 square feet)

Question 2: How much funding is available for your project?

  1. $0 – $100
  2. $100 – $500
  3. $500 or more

Question 3. How enthusiastic and helpful is your school’s administration with environmental projects at school?

  1. No idea!
  2. They’re unenthusiastic and unhelpful
  3. They’re neutral and somewhat helpful
  4. They’re enthusiastic and helpful

Question 4. Which subject would you like to focus on?

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  2. Donation (fundraising to kickstart an eco organization on campus)
  3. Bringing environmental education to campus
  4. Waste reduction
  5. Native plants and/ or pollinator gardens
  6. Water conservation
  7. Air/ soil/ water quality
  8. Greenhouse gas emission and/ or energy
  9. Tree care, tree planting, and/or greenspace
  10. Ecology

Answer Key 1 - TreePeople Projects

[Inset Table Here]

Answer Key 2 - Ideas and Inspiration From Past Students Projects

[Inset Table Here]

Didn’t see a project that interests you here? No worries. Do you have an idea for a new project altogether? That’s fantastic! If either of these are the case, send an email to us at to figure out just the right project for you and your school.