Expanding the La Sierra Preserve

A critical strategy in land conservation is acquiring new properties that are directly adjacent to existing protected lands. This not only ensures that wildlife within these protected areas have greater mobility and buffer from threats, but it also helps land managers, such as TreePeople Land Trust, cohesively manage a series of parcels as a single, unified preserve. That is why we are thrilled to announce that 79-acres of land lying just west of the La Sierra Preserve have been purchased and will be preserved in perpetuity to contribute to our existing conservation efforts in the central Santa Monica Mountains.

Featuring stunning sandstone outcrops, rich riparian wetlands, and a rare and threatened species of dudleya, this new addition to the La Sierra Preserve also increases access for our crews, scientists, and volunteers, and eventually, the public at large. This acquisition would not have been possible without the generosity of the Mednick Family, and the financial assistance of the David Lucile Packard Foundation and Recreational Trails Program. Our team will need your help removing invasive species that have taken a hold after the Woolsey Fire, so keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer events.

By Kevin Gaston

Kevin Gaston joined TreePeople Land Trust in 2015 and currently serves as our Deputy Director. Prior to joining the Trust, he worked in various roles for California State Parks and the National Park Service, and received his B.S. in Environmental Science & Resource Management from CSUCI. Kevin enjoys the mix of creativity and analytics involved with managing projects at TreePeople Land Trust. He believes in our mission because true environmental action requires local commitment and enthusiasm, and non-profit organizations are the best medium to harness that energy. Outside his work, you can find Kevin surfing, cooking, and reading in his backyard with his wife, Emily.