5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy at Home!

As TreePeople develops its own ways of bringing our award-winning educational programs to your living rooms, we’ve put together a list of five activities for you and your kiddos! All of those who are social distancing with school children are probably starting to see why teachers deserve our deep appreciation and respect for everything they do: creating engaging, educational activities with our kids isn’t exactly easy.

  1. Get Educational
    link will take you to an extensive list of educational companies that are providing free lessons. Sit down with your kids, let them choose the lessons that look interesting to them, and get to work together!
  2. Be Creative
    Adobe (the creator of Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and more) is providing a couple months of FREE software to anyone who wants to use it. This is probably going to be more fun for older kids to stretch their creative muscles, but it’s also the perfect software to make signage and edit home movies with and for littles. 
  3. Read Alongs
    Reading books aloud on your own gets tough on the vocal cords after a while. Once you run out of energy, you can turn to YouTube for read-alouds of your kids’ favorite books so they can follow along! 
  4. Sensory Bin
    These are great for little ones. Get a large plastic bin or tub, fill it with dry goods (could be beans, rice, packing peanuts, pipe cleaners, you name it), add a few funnels, measuring cups, toilet paper rolls and anything else that could move these materials around, and let your kiddo(s) play!
  5. Go Green
    Spring is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start a garden or an eco-friendly DIY project! While we aren’t afraid of grocery stores running out of food, having a few herbs, fruits and vegetables in your garden or window box is a great way to show your kids how fun and important plants are!

This is a tough time for us as a global community, especially for parents with young kids at home. TreePeople is committed to providing solutions during this period that continue to educate our community about the environment around us. We want to stress that even if these activities seem out of your reach, making sure your kids are safe and fed is enough. So if you have the energy, take a peek at these resources and (most importantly) HAVE FUN!