Who’s in our Park!?

With its expansive city views, it’s easy to forget that Coldwater Canyon Park is really a home to all sorts of wild animals. In our care for this incredible piece of land, we’re passionate about making sure that this place that we’re comfortable calling home is comfortable for them to call home too! 

We’ve made sure to sneak some cameras across our 45 acres to keep an eye on our furry neighbors: 

Bobcats in the park.

These carnivorous bobcats are stealthy hunters, but don’t worry – they only grow to be about 2 feet long and aren’t a threat to humans! 

Coyotes having some fun!

If you live anywhere near a canyon, we’re sure you’ve heard a pack or two of coyotes running around nearby. These wolf relatives are also non-threatening (although we don’t recommend trying to pet these cute canines) and travel in packs! 

A deer on the run!

Believe it or not, deer are abundant in forests across Southern California, including the ones that cover our park! The one in this photo, who our Nursery Manager, Jack, has named Prince, is having such a blast that he can’t keep his tongue in his mouth! 

Coldwater Canyon Park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset every day! Join us and check out the incredible flora and fauna that share this wonderful land with us.