10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer MORE!

By now we know that climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events. Let’s face it: it’s no fun living in a city where our forecast is either drought or flood.

Just this month, Angelenos have seen multiple fires pop up around our county and the summer heat is just beginning.

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So what can you do, you ask?

Well, you can volunteer with TreePeople this summer; or take the next step and become a TreePeople Restoration Supervisor or Volunteer Supervisor and help create a greener and healthier LA for everyone.

Need more reasons? Here are a few incentives!

1. Free stuff!

Volunteering is great, but being a supervisor is a badge of honor. When you complete your Restoration or Volunteer Supervisor training you’ll get an official TreePeople name badge and t-shirt to sport at our events!


2. Trees need you!

Now, more than ever, trees across LA need our help. Newly planted trees are especially vulnerable for up to five years— but extreme heat from climate change threatens them and the health of mature trees.

On the bright side, trees planted and cared for by TreePeople have an above average survival rate, thanks to the leadership and enthusiasm of our volunteer community!

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3. Gain valuable leadership experience!

Each year TreePeople engages with thousands of volunteers! When you come out to one of our events, you and fellow volunteers team up to help save our trees. Once you become a  supervisor, you can help manage our all these teams as well! You will learn volunteer management, conflict resolution, and techniques for teaching volunteers, all of which are valuable in everyday life.



4. Get fit while saving trees!

Planting and caring for trees is hard work! Between digging holes, carrying water buckets, weeding and mulching, you will get a whole body workout while saving the planet.

5. Learning is fun!

Our volunteers and supervisors are trained on our local ecology, native tree and plant species and steps to proper tree care. Ever need to impress a date or break the ice at a party? Get ready to drop some tree knowledge!

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6. Have fun with fellow Angelenos!

Last year, TreePeople had over 231 different forestry events! That’s a lot of opportunities to have fun with old and new friends all while saving trees!  

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7. Make new friends!

With over 4,700 volunteers just last year, volunteering with TreePeople is a great way to find new friends, who care about the environment and want to give back. Build lasting friendships all while creating a greener and healthier LA.

8. Experience with TreePeople looks GREAT on a resume or college application!

Leadership shows that your passion goes above and beyond the typical call of duty and that you have valuable skills to help an organization achieve its goals. (Tip: we’re always happy to write letters of recommendation for our star volunteers!)

9. Give back to your community!

TreePeople empowers communities to care for trees that we all rely on to shade us on a hot day, clean the air we breathe and also to protect us against flooding. It’s always a treat to walk down a street and enjoy the shade of a tree you planted and care for, right?

10. It’s time to act on climate change!

Turning the tide on climate change is going to take a team effort!

Trees remove and store carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen for us to breathe! Last year TreePeople planted over 1,900 trees and cared for over 9,500 trees and native plants.



Are you ready to make a change? Sign up now to volunteer at our next event!

By Erika Abdelatif

Erika Abdelatif is TreePeople’s Social Media and Digital Content Manager. When she isn't creating a climate-resilient LA via the Facebook, she's probably writing in a coffee shop, infesting the internet with memes, or watching an open mic.