The Shape of the Landscape

As of the end of January, LA had seen just 28% of its average precipitation since October – the official beginning of our region’s rainy season. On the heels of another incredibly dry winter, 22% of California is still in “severe drought” – so doing what we can in our yards is essential!

Mother Nature Knows Best

In natural areas, the landscape is perfectly laid out to reap all the benefits of rainwater. During storms, rain falls to the ground and flows through the hills and valleys of the land allowing it to slow down, spread out, and then sink into the soil. This process not only allows plants to utilize the moisture, it also removes debris and pollutants, and recharges our groundwater supply.

Ideally, this is what we want to recreate in our home landscape. Sound hard? Not really!

With the power of a shovel, you can sculpt your home garden to capture those precious drops and sink them into the soil where your plants can use the rainwater more efficiently.

Check out our video to see some step-by-step instructions:

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