Cause a Chain Reaction: How To Install a Rain Chain

As we all wait patiently for winter rains, installing a rain chain will add a fun, new aesthetic to your garden to make stormy days a little more fun. Wildflowers popping up from the warmth of the spring will love them too!

Install a rain chain!

Rain chains are functional, beautiful alternatives to downspouts. Instead of the tinny sound of water rushing through enclosed metal in a downspout, rain chains softly direct rainwater down creating a lovely feature for your garden, and a soothing sound in the process!

Zen Out Your Garden

Rain chains can be seen on homes around the world, but are particularly big in Japan, where they are called kusari-doi.’ Having been used for hundreds of years, kusari-doi can be found at the corners of traditional houses, and more ornate versions are used on temples and shrines. Beneath the kusari-doi, it is common to place a decorative stone, barrel or stone basin to capture water for later use.

This beautiful addition can be used on your home too! Look for places where downspouts lead to landscaped areas, a rain barrel, or where overflow can be diverted from your home foundation.

Where can I get a rain chain?

Many online stores and home improvement stores carry rain chains. Chained links, cups, and more decorative designs are all options– take it from us, it will be hard to choose a favorite











How do I install a rain chain?

Need help installing your rain chain? Check out these TreePeople How-To instructions.

Let’s cause a chain reaction!  Once you have installed your rain chain, we would love to see pictures of your beautiful garden installation in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #treepeople!