TreePeople In the Trump-Era


My mom and I at the Women’s March in LA.

Fired up? Ready to go!

Last weekend, I marched through the streets of Los Angeles with my mom, TreePeople Founder Andy Lipkis and 750,000 beautiful people ready to stand up for an inclusive society that cares for our communities and our planet as the precious resources that they are.

I’ve spent my whole life fighting for social justice and our environment. Like all of us, I needed the warmth, love and energy that flowed like a mighty river through the streets of LA.

I needed it because the challenges we face are extreme. Our trees are dying, heat-related hospitalizations are on the rise, as are storm-triggered floods and landslides.

That’s why TreePeople is here– to lead the charge in Los Angeles and set the pace for the nation. We know what works and we know how to get it done.

We have the solutions that Los Angeles needs. We have plans to capture our rain, grow our urban forests, green our communities and educate our kids.  These solutions will require people power, public investment and political will. And there is not a minute to lose.

Join us. Plant the seeds of change.

This is our time. This is our world. Let’s do this!


Cindy Montañez, CEO