Planting Seedlings: TreePeople & Environmental Literacy

Inauguration Day. First order of business. Delete the Climate Change page on the White House website and remove any mention of “global warming.”

The new administration may want to stick its head in the sand, but we know the way forward is to invest in our future– in our kids. Engaging youth has a multiplier effect. Inspiring kids changes families.

When TreePeople taught kids about recycling, they pushed their parents to participate in the launch of one of the most successful urban recycling programs in the country. Go LA!

Last year alone, our school outreach projects touched nearly a quarter million kids in LA. But there’s still work to be done.


We love our educators who’ve instilled kids with a deep commitment to care for our world already, but we need environmental education to be a requirement. Thanks to our generous supporters at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Ten Strands, we’ll be mobilizing teachers, principals, parents and community groups to influence environmental curriculum plans at the district level.

We’ll also be working in Sacramento! In case you missed it, the California State Board of Education adopted a new Science Curriculum Framework with standards for school greening and hands-on environmental education like TreePeople’s outdoor classroom approach.

We’re committed to do more, go deeper and send a message– that our children are our future, and TreePeople has the experience and the knowledge to provide the nation’s second largest school district with the guidance to train the next generation of climate fighters.

For more information on our work in schools, visit our website!

By Candice Russell

Candice Russell is TreePeople's Senior Manager of Environmental Education. An LA native, she loves to bring nature and kids together!