4 Climate-Conscious Gifts to Scratch off Your List

Down to the last minute for your holiday shopping? Not sure what to get that person who already has everything?

Look no further!  Here are some of our favorite beautiful, practical, and climate-conscious gifts for home!

Sustainable gifts help create a better future for us and  the lives of generations to come. Plus, who doesn’t want to be the envy of their neighborhood? Be a movement trendsetter!  

Here are four unique gift ideas to inspire the climate-fighter in everyone this holiday season:

Rain Chains


Rain chains are a beautiful  addition to any garden to slow, sink and spread those precious drops back into the ground or a rain tank. What’s even better? Every storm, you can look forward to the soothing sound of trickling water.

Rain Barrels


Rain barrels are an easy way to make a difference as we face a sixth year of drought. This gift is a great first step into greener living to collect and conserve rainwater year around. Did you know with just four rain barrels– one on each corner of your home– you can collect up to 200 gallons of water in just one storm? Think about all the free drinks you could give your plants and trees when the rainy season is over! Rain barrels really are the gift that keeps on giving back.

Drought-Tolerant Native Plants


Winter is planting season in LA! What better time is to give your loved one a beautiful, living gift. Give the gift that will remind that special person in your life of your growing love all year around. Want to know our top picks? Read our blog from our own staff arborist, Linda Eremita, to see a list of her 10 favorite native plants.

Compost Bin


Top off your climate action gift set this season with a compost bin! Compost enriches the soil, nourishes plants and keeps water in the ground to help fight drought. It’ll even help cut down on food waste from all those holiday parties!

Craving to become a climate-conscious resident? Join us at one of our volunteer events!

By Caitlin Dunham

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Forestry and Natural Resource Management, Caitlin discovered a passion for working in social media and marketing and eventually found her way to TreePeople. With her unique forestry and marketing background, Caitlin is now growing and thriving within TreePeople’s Yurt Village. She loves that she can bridge the gap between science and marketing and is at the frontlines of educating Angelenos on trees and how they can save LA.