6 Tree Facts Every American Should Know

It’s the Fourth of July! America is known for many things: freedom, baseball, diversity and more. But when you think of America, do you think of trees? You should!

With a vast variety of climates, America offers tree-lovers all kinds to celebrate today. So, in honor of America’s many trees, we bring you 6 fun tree facts to inspire your patriotism.

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1. Did you know that 55% of our population gets their drinking-quality water from forested watersheds? Trees help keep our local water clean and free from pollutants!

2. The United States might be the home of the world’s oldest tree– a Great Bristlecone pine located in California’s White Mountains. It is believed to have a lifespan of over 5,000 years.

3. Hyperion is America’s tallest living tree. The coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) measured at 379.1 ft on September 2006. (In other words, even taller now!)

Photo: Michael Nichols/National Geographic

4. There are over 1,000 species of trees in North America.

5. The most common tree in the United States is the highly adaptable Red Maple.

6. The Oak is known as the United State’s national tree– known for its strength, diversity and beauty.

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Remember: Here in California, we’re in our fifth consecutive year of drought and trees are highly susceptible to wildfire. If you’re planning Fourth of July festivities, please celebrate responsibly to keep our trees safe and healthy!

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By Erika Abdelatif

Erika Abdelatif is TreePeople’s Social Media and Digital Content Manager. When she isn't creating a climate-resilient LA via the Facebook, she's probably writing in a coffee shop, infesting the internet with memes, or watching an open mic.