Volunteering with TreePeople: Better than Tinder

Is this you?

You’ve been set up on one too many bad blind dates.

Your smartphone has a permanent mark worn into the screen from swiping left.

You’ve run out of pick up lines to use at the farmers market.

We get it. Here at TreePeople, we know that dating is hard. But we’re here to help! Here are a few ways we can help spark romance.

Meet someone new


Thousands of Angelenos volunteer with TreePeople each year. Come volunteer with us and meet other passionate people who care about the environment and like being outdoors! Plus, doesn’t it sound better to say you met volunteering instead of meeting on Tinder?

Glamour shots for your eHarmony


If you are going to go looking for company online, don’t bore potential dates with more Machu Picchu selfies! Instead, post a photo of yourself volunteering at a tree care event. Show that you’re not only eco-conscious, show that you can roll up your sleeves, too. (Warning: TreePeople will not be held responsible for any damages related to your OkCupid inbox exploding.)

Plan an impressive first date

So, you’ve met someone new! After you’ve moved past flirting over Snapchat filters and emojis, you’ll need to brainstorm ideas for your awesome first date.

Look no further. Bring your date to volunteer with TreePeople! Here’s why it’s the perfect date:

  • It’s low pressure – You’ll want to avoid awkward silences across a dinner table at a restaurant. If you can’t think of something to say, just go grab a bucket of mulch!
  • It’s free – It may be affordable, but it’ll leave you rich with new memories.
  • It’s fun – We make volunteering fun, and you’ll get to experience how well you work together.
  • It’s a special experience – Volunteering with us is a perfect opportunity to take your first cute selfie together. Throw that up on social media and get ALL of the brownie points.
  • Turn doubles as a picnic – Pack a picnic lunch and leave it in your trunk. After the volunteer event is over, surprise your date with a picnic lunch in the shade of the trees you two just cared for! We think that’s #adorable.

Planting and caring for trees is romantic

Trees cool our city, clean the air and soak up rainwater providing benefits for decades. You’ll thank us years down the road when you need to find a romantic place to propose. (How about that grove of trees we planted?)

Find new friends


Love isn’t always everything! Some of the best relationships we have are with our friends. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. TreePeople volunteers are some of the best people and it’s fun to see how many start spending time together outside of events!

Don’t wait! Sign up to volunteer right now. It’s quick and easy!

By Peter Roquemore

Peter Roquemore is TreePeople's Volunteer Manager. Peter has spent the past six years organizing communities around renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean water. He is excited to be working side by side with TreePeople's volunteers to help grow and restore our urban forest and wild lands. New to Los Angeles you can find Peter on his bike exploring LA's streets and mountain trails or tracking down LA's best vegan taco.