Mediterranean Cities: Where Climate Adaptation Action Happens

Did you know that Southern California is not a desert? That’s a common misconception!

Our region is actually one of just five regions in the world with a Mediterranean climate, which lends to cool, wet winters, and hot, dry summers. Even though the world’s Mediterranean zones are far-flung–including Southern California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, parts of Australia and the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea–these regions have plenty in common.

As the world’s climate changes, forecasts show that Mediterranean-zone cities will experience an increase in extreme weather patterns, including droughts and flooding.  That’s why a network of practitioners, policymakers, business leaders and academics called the Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4) was formed. Leaders from Mediterranean-climate cities across the globe have come together to support vibrant, healthy, sustainable communities that promote climate resilience.

TreePeople’s Director of Research, Edith de Guzman, an MC-4 Advisory Board Member, co-authored a blog called Adaptation Starts Here, published by the World Policy Institute. Read on to learn more about the collaborative’s work!

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By Caryn Bosson

Caryn Bosson has been a TreePerson since 1984. As TreePeople’s Director of Strategy, she helps the organization play a leading role in transforming Greater LA into a healthy, viable environment. She loves trees, and California native oak trees most of all.