Calling all Water-Wise Students!

Do you know a hard working, environmentally-minded student that would like an opportunity to win a trip on a marine science boat excursion, AKA, the Floating Lab? Invite them to join the Streets to Sea Challenge!

The Streets to Sea Challenge is an inter-school competition for 7th-12th graders that challenges students to create a campaign to promote a water-wise solution in their community. These solutions are aimed to address water pollution, capture, and conservation. 

How does it work?  

Participating students evaluate their campus watershed using the Generation Earth water audit tool. Once the audit is complete, groups of three or more students use the results to identify a water issue to educate the community.

Perhaps it’s trash on campus that will wind up in the ocean. Or, maybe the campus sprinklers are spraying on to the sidewalk, and could be easily resolved with a rain garden.  This challenge gives students the opportunity to voice the water issue matter most and create a campaign to advocate for solutions!

How will YOU create a more water-wise campus?

Whether it’s a flash-mob with a water conservation message, or a social media branded hashtag around stormwater pollution prevention or the production of a viral video, we invite you to get creative for water!  

The top ten entries will be invited to participate in the final-round, which allows students a chance to present their work to judges and receive recognition at the Disney Synergy Lab. The top winners will win a an exclusive trip on the Floating Lab.

Let the Street to the Sea Challenge begin!


By Amanda Begley

Amanda is TreePeople’s Watershed Education Specialist. She attended her first TreePeople event when she was 12 years old and has been a “tree person” ever since. When Amanda is not educating on local water issues, she is exploring the many amazing hiking areas around Los Angeles County.