YOU Can Help Green LA Parks!

Angelenos love parks! They beautify our city, create space for us to gather, play and protect our health. Here at TreePeople, we believe parks are a critical resource for a climate-resilient LA.

Right now, citizens like you have an opportunity to provide input on the future of our parks. The County is currently involved in a 15 month process to assess how we can improve and expand our parks, as well as maximize the benefits they bring to local communities. Community members are invited to give feedback at in community input sessions being held over the next five months. These sessions will influence a measure on the ballot this November to fund park improvement. We need you to speak up for parks in order to influence this ballot measure!

We encourage YOU to attend and use your voice to advocate for parks and give back to our communities!  


But what should I say?

If you’re headed to a session, here are some simple talking points to guide your feedback:

  • Our parks should be designed to capture rainwater to support local water supplies, improve water quality and reduce flooding. Parks that capture rain for onsite irrigation contribute to local water supplies and reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating the energy needed to import water from far off sources. (In fact, did you know this is the SECOND highest use of energy in the state of California?) They also reduce stormwater runoff that carries pollution into the ocean. These methods are cost-effective, resilient to changes in climate and benefit local communities.
  • Our parks should provide multiple benefit and support integrated planning. New projects should incorporate water conservation and quality, flood risk management, habitat for local wildlife, heat-island effect reduction, and protection for our most vulnerable communities–like children, the elderly and residents of low-income neighborhoods. .
  • Different agencies need to work together to leverage existing planning efforts. We achieve more when we work together!
  • Our parks should provide educational opportunities. Parks should feature signage to educate park-goers on the eco-practices at play! Sharing this information allows community members to understand, appreciate and replicate the benefits in their own lives!

Still have questions? Contact Jenny Binstock, TreePeople Policy Coordinator, at for more information!

By Jenny Binstock

Jenny works on the policy team at TreePeople and has worked for over a decade on environmental, social justice, and global health issues. Her work involves making sure that local, county, and state policies advance the organization's goals for a thriving and sustainable Los Angeles. When she's not running between TreePeople's Yurt Village and City Hall, Jenny enjoys the good life: travel, books, food, art, music, film, the outdoors, and exploring and building community in LA.