5 Reasons We NEED to Map Trees

You’ve heard it before: trees solve urban problems. They keep cities cool, they clean our air and they capture storm water. They are basically superheroes. With the stress of drought, it’s important to remember why trees matter.

But how can YOU help trees thrive in LA? You have heard of planting trees, maybe you have cared for trees–but have you ever mapped a tree? Mapping trees is an interactive process using TreeMapLA that helps us understand the ways a tree is serving our city. Here are five reasons why you should start mapping trees NOW:

It saves money!


By adding the species and diameter of a tree, TreeMapLA calculates the tree’s benefits. That includes energy saved, rainwater captured, air quality improved, and carbon dioxide removed. Based on local rates and averages, those benefits are assigned a dollar value to show just how much trees serve our city!

It encourages more plantings!


Mapped trees help us understand the needs of our urban forest. This helps urban forestry agencies determine where trees are needed the most!

It keeps city trees healthy!


Using the Tree Alert function, users can notify others of trees in need! Trees with damaged branches, drought-stressed trees, trees that have died, or trees that have branches that are blocking traffic signals can be flagged. This helps our city stay healthy and safe!

It builds community!

TMLA Proverb Map Together (1)

Getting people together to map trees is a great way to meet new people and explore your community!

It’s educational!


TreeMapLA is a fun way to learn about the world around you! Mapping urban trees creates a priceless resource for everyone to learn about the trees in their neighborhoods with instant access to information about those trees. With TreeMapLA in your pocket, you’ll have an ever-expanding guide to explore and learn about the trees of Los Angeles.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and map your neighborhood trees today!