6 Landscapes to Get Inspired for Planting Season

You’ve let your lawn go golden. Now what?

With planting season around the corner, planning your new landscape might seem like a daunting task. Never fear! Here are seven gorgeous yards to get your creative, sustainable juices flowing—as well as practical watershed tips to keep in mind!

1. Cut back on turf!

13Grdns-0005Did you know that landscape irrigation accounts for almost 50% of all residential use? It doesn’t need to be that way—especially not in California! With a plethora of options, cutting back on turf is a cinch!

2. Minimize rock, artificial turf and concrete.13Grdns-0152

Too much gravel or fake turf can increase the heat-island effect and make our city even hotter. Instead, incorporate living, breathing plants as much as possible to help keep LA cool! Plants invite local wildlife and increase biodiversity.

3. Choose California-friendly plants.


Choosing California natives or drought-tolerant plants is the smart choice, Angelenos! Since natives generally need less water, it means less maintenance for you! The Grow Native Nursery offers a variety of classes and plant sales year round. Visit their website for a full list of dates and events.

4. Plant TREES!13Grdns-0069

Trees offer a landscape a world of good!  They increase property values, cut back on our energy use, conserve water—and more!

5. Look for opportunities to capture stormwater.


Can downspouts be directed toward your garden, instead of the street? Have you installed rain barrels and prepared them for the rainy season?

Don’t let that precious water be purged into the ocean. Store it for the future!

6. Inspire your friends!


Once your landscape is finished, don’t keep that knowledge to yourself! Inspire your friends. Lend your expertise! We ALL need to do our part to become a water-secure city. Let’s work together.

Want to learn more about native plants, rainwater harvesting or organizing a community tree planting? Visit us at our next series of Green City Workshops!

By Erika Abdelatif

Erika Abdelatif is TreePeople’s Social Media and Digital Content Manager. When she isn't creating a climate-resilient LA via the Facebook, she's probably writing in a coffee shop, infesting the internet with memes, or watching an open mic.