TreePeople Forest Aid Angeles: Become a Volunteer Forest Restoration Leader!

TreePeople and the U.S. Forest Service are gearing up for our fourth season restoring areas within the Angeles National Forest that were devastated by the historic Station Fire of 2009. This is one of the largest volunteer efforts on National Forest land in the United States, and we need your help supervising and educating thousands of volunteers who will plant 10,000 seedlings in the 2014 season.

Become a leader and join our team as a Forest Restoration Supervisor! Without the work of our volunteer supervisors, we would not only be unable to safely accommodate all the volunteers, but we would be unable to plant with the success that we have over the past planting seasons. We need and depend on the support of trained Restoration Supervisors to help guide and support other volunteers through the planting season.

Forest Restoration Supervisors help:

  • Teach volunteers how to plant native seedlings.
  • Lead teams of volunteers as they restore the forest’s beauty.
  • Make sure tools are being used properly and safely.
  • Ensure everyone has a great time!

Sign up to attend an Angeles Restoration Supervisor Training on December 14 or January 12 to learn everything you’ll need to know to guide and support others in the Angeles—and get a special T-shirt and nametag for yourself! Don’t miss the opportunity to take on a vital volunteer role and inspire others to take care of our forest.

Already a Restoration Supervisor?

We highly encourage those of you who have already been trained as Restoration Supervisors to attend a training for the 2014 season. Our trainings get updated every year and refreshing your memory is always a good thing. We encourage you to bring friends and family along, too!

Interested in bringing a group to the Angeles?

If you would like to bring a group of 11 or more people to plant trees in the Angeles, we recommend some of your group members attend one of our training sessions. We stick to the ratio of one supervisor for every ten people. Securing enough supervisors is what limits the number of volunteers we allow at our events, so if you can provide your own supervisors your group has a much higher chance of attending a planting in the Angeles.

By Nicole Liner-Jigamian

Nicole Liner-Jigamian joined the TreePeople family after a year abroad in South and Central America, where she was lucky enough to spend most of her time outdoors, meeting new and interesting people. Upon returning to her hometown of Los Angeles, she knew she wanted a career that would allow her to further develop her knowledge of the natural world while continuing to form strong relationships with people and the community. TreePeople provided the best of both worlds. In her free time, Nicole enjoys riding her bike, watching action movies and cooking.