California on Track for Driest Year in Recorded History

Yes, it just rained in L.A. And since this is the season of gratitude, we should all give thanks for that ½” of rainfall, because in this dry year—the driest in 164 years—we need to make every drop count.

It’s hard to remember that technically we are in a severe drought. After all, we can get lots of water simply by turning on the tap. It seems plentiful and cheap—it’s so readily available in our sinks and coming from our sprinklers, that we often don’t see how much we are wasting and really understand how much that matters.

One way to switch that around is to conserve how much water we use and what we use it for. Another is to really treat water like the precious resource that it is and make sure that every drop counts.

Want to ensure that you’re able to capture the rain that falls for free from the sky? Come to our Community Sustainability Workshop and check out our Rainwater Harvesting class. You’ll learn everything you need to harvest the rain—from rain barrels to rain gardens.

We can’t do much to control the weather, but we can take lots of little actions that make a big difference, and making every drop count is one of them.

By Lisa Cahill

Lisa Cahill first began her work with TreePeople as a volunteer Citizen Forester. She currently serves on the board of directors for the reDiscover Center, continues to volunteer as a Citizen Forester, has been on the Mar Vista Green Garden Tour and serves on several green committees at her church and children's schools. She most enjoys working in the garden with her husband, watching her children and vegetables grow.