TreePeople Turns 40!

In 1973, TreePeople was born from a teenager’s dream. From the beginning, Andy Lipkis’ vision was to connect the power of trees with the power of people to heal Los Angeles’ damaged ecosystem. From successfully inspiring the planting of a million trees in Los Angeles in time for the 1984 summer Olympics, to planting seven miles of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in a single day, to becoming a globally recognized leader in urban watershed management, TreePeople has made a major impact on the urban sustainability movement. Now the organization is embarking on a journey to re-imagine and remake Los Angeles into a greener and healthier city, and invites you to join in.

Recently debuted at TreePeople’s annual gala, An Evening Under the Harvest Moon, this video is a moving stroll down memory lane, and an inspiring look to TreePeople’s future. Please enjoy!

By Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott brings her background in development and project management, plus her new graduate degree in social entrepreneurship, to her work at TreePeople. She thinks trees are the neatest, and when she’s not blogging enjoys carpooling with TreePeople’s founder and president.